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Tourism and Culture Office of Lumajang Present Godrill Lumajangan Dance as the opening ceremony at "Carnival Building & Art 2017" event which was held this afternoon at Lumajang Town Square on Thursday 10 September 2017. The participants of this second day carnival consisted of 9 honorary participants and 46 from Senior High School / equivalent and other general participants.

No less than 25 dancers show their best performance in front of Lumajang District Government Office which is the starting line of the participants of this second carnival episode. Not only that, the Godrill Lumajangan Dance Team leads the line of Kirap couples Lumajang Regent, Drs. As'at, M. Ag with her wife, Forkopimda Lumajang District and her wife was wearing custom clothing costumes from all corners of the archipelago.

The heat of the sun does not prevent the people of Lumajang and surrounding areas to witness the carnival that is happening royally, the enthusiasm of people to be able to greet the officials of this banana city from very close.

In addition, the public can witness the spectacular attractions presented by the participants of this carnival, ranging from regional dances to the theatrical history of the expansion of the Kingdom of Lamajang and the Dutch colonial period in Lumajang.

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